Painting pics 027

  • year: 2006
  • artist: Richard Nesly
  • price: $500
  • medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • size: 24" x 30 1/8"

Richard Nesly, a disciple of Tiga Haitian-German Institute

Saint-Sun emits its rays on the walls of the Haitian-German Institute at Christopher Ave. Since March 12 paintings by Richard Nesly populated by fantastical creatures interact with the public.

Haiti: The opening of the paintings of Richard Nesly, a painter of the current Saint-Soleil, began March 12 at the Haitian-German Institute, the Christopher Ave. The exhibition runs until March 28. “This initiative by American Jeff Kerzner and German Iris Abraham, two friends of Haiti, is to promote Haitian art through this disciple of Jean-Claude Garoute Tiga says,” was suggested by the Director Institute Mrs. Roger Gaillard. While welcoming the German Embassy and the Haitian-German Institute who contributed to the development of this cultural event, she invited us to appreciate the paintings of the artist.

Deciphering the signs

Thirty paintings by Richard Nesly are hung from the walls of the Haitian-German Institute. They provoke comments from the public. A woman looks this morning, eyes filter to examine a work. She tries to decipher the hidden signs that medium that conveys a chromatic language that makes sense as and as his creative gaze activated on a surface. “I see the whole amount of frustration this painter in the painting,” she said. Another woman support: “I made the same observation as you. ”

The painting of Richard Nesly populated by angels, demons and other creatures fantastic, do not let cold. It raises your comments. It also gave the opportunity for some visitors to evoke an entire segment of the artistic life of Tiga. And to test their knowledge.
“- Do you know how is called the first gallery Tiga? “Exclaims a visitor to the exhibition.
“- Saint-Sun! “Answered another.
“- Oh, you do not know? Well, it Poto-Mitan. It is also the founder of the Museum of Ceramics. It was he who initiated the movement St. Sun. I had the chance to meet Andre Malraux, French writer who launched the movement, “says another.

The contribution of Jean-Claude Garoute well Maud Robart, two emblematic figures of a peasant community experience through Haitian painting, has been successful. Is not that the movement still St. Sun emits its rays through the designers from the school of the people.

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