Paintings 8-8-2010 028

  • year: 2008
  • artist: Reynald Joseph
  • price: $1500
  • size: 20 1/8 x 49 7/8

Reynald Joseph was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on July 4, 1973. His father is the famous artist, Wilfrid Louis. By the age of thirteen, Joseph was earning money for school and books by selling his art. He left school in 1986 to study art with his father. At sixteen he participated in a group exhibition in Mexico where the Mexican Vice President purchased one of his paintings.

An ardent student of art, Joseph has mastered the media of oil and acrylic and the tools of palette knife and brush. The artist has emerged as a major star of the new generation of Haitian artists, portray the everyday life in Haiti.  His work is reminiscent of Carlo Jean-Jacques and Yves Michaud.  He has exhibited in Haiti as well as abroad including the United States, and has been included in major publications on Haitian Art.

According to Gallery Macondo at, the artist claimed that “Wilfrid Louis is not his father, but his mentor, with whom he studied and by whom he is inspired.”

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