• year: 2004
  • artist: Cyprian Ogambi
  • price: $550
  • medium: Acrylic on paper
  • size: 18 5/8 x 24 5/8

Cyprian Ogambi, born in 1962 in the Nyanza Province, Siaya District, is a born-artist and demonstrated his talent at very early age.  Ogambi benefited from school organized visits to the various Nairobi art galleries, and was exposed to contemporary Kenyan artists early on.  He eventually obtained a degree in graphic design at the Kenya Polytechnic.  Today, Ogambi’s works can be found at various art galleries and have been exhibited throughout Kenya.

Ogambi uses bright bold colors to draw the Maasai people and their lives, a true visage of African art. His signature style of roundness either in illustrating objects and women’s bodies makes him unique compared to other African artists.

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